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the Beginning

A special boutique pastry shop in Naxos with high flavors and aesthetics and the award-winning chef Stamatis Xenakis.

Radical change of image, corporate identity and visual communication to reflect and represent its important position in taste, locally and even nationwide.

We chose a color, veraman, like the turquoise of the sea with two drops of sky gold. Color that represents, bathed in light, the island, the summer, the taste, the ingredients.

A wreath wrapped with what we love, in summer, in all seasons, in joy, in sweetness. A little house, a starfish, shells in order to listen to the sounds of the sea, a small boat to take us along a known or unknown journey, and flowers, and more flowers . . . Smells and laughter fly out of the little house, the starfish swimming deep and waiting for the little explorers to appear. . . the flowers in the garden. . .

Here, excellent original flavors from home-made jams, tea from the local fragrant nature, cool fresh lemonade, wonderful macarons, ice cream that drives you crazy and all the sweets!!! It’s here in our boutique pastry shop and in our catalog!!!

And when the logo wants to play with color, all the sweets are put in boxes, various. . . colorful, small big, happy and tasty. . .

See you there!!



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