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Davaris Travel Publications since 1965, Books, Maps, Calendars, and Postcards.


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Love for travel and especially for travel within Greek culture, our new publications aim to magnetize the reader with the beauty of the image and the narration of the history and culture of Greece.

Historical monuments stand between the blue of the sky and the ripples of the sea.

Culture points led by arts and sciences and the magical combination of enjoying the place, having fun, and relaxing.

The "demanding" publications and "us"

To “compose”, to narrate, and to capture with drawings, with images, to combine cultures, languages, mountains, and seas . . .

To create what someone dreamed, who with care and passion, wrote, or photograph . . .

We travel with our publications, and we take you wherever you want through an exciting creative path/editing of the version you desire. Poetry collection, book, scientific book, novel, album. . . for all a special care through the experience of our publications, and through reliable collaborations of translators, printers, photographers, etc., on a case-by-case basis.

If you want one of your publishing objectives to be carried out aesthetically and responsibly, contact us.

Our experience in the field of books and graphic arts, together with our special love for publishing, create the conditions for an excellent result.


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Rodes, the island of the sun

Kos, the Island of Hippocrates

Asklipieion of Kos

Kalymnos, the island of the Sponges


Patmos, Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian

Andros Island


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