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In 2019, we were inspired by another wave of expression. Our stall, a handmade, inspired, chess installation. On a convex ‘theatrical’ chessboard platform of 10 square meters, the pieces stand imperious, ready for action, for the game conceived of and constructed by the multidimensional designer, our collaborator Elena Davari.

Typographic Installation 

Chess, the Art Project

Metal is transformed into elemental figures. Greek writing, elements of the alphabet create the forms of a king, a queen, the galloping horse, the watchful rook, the caring officer, the protective soldier. A game of strategic thinking created with figures and pawns based on the Greek alphabet. Typographic compositions/re-compositions in a chess installation/game. 

Printed material and print installation by Elena Davari. 

Observations/dialogue (following the presentation at the expo): 

Eleana Tsoli: I’m telling you, when you described what we were going to create for the stall, I didn’t understand exactly what it would be, but I trusted that, for Elena to be so insistent, it would be something really good. 

Elena Davari: hahaha (I’m still laughing . . .) and it is wonderful to feel that trust. 


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