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Our first touch to the brand . . . at the year 2007 . . .

There was a change in leadership of the company the founder’s daughter took over the managing director position 

We wanted to communicate: 

  • – the change 
  • – the young presence 
  • – a strong distinctive identity 
  • – expressing female personality 
  • – the continuation and the development of the company 
  • At that time Greece had entered the period of crisis, people were in a negative and pessimistic mood, so we wanted our designs to have an optimistic form and to make people recall the values that help us evolve 

What we did about that: 

  • We selected a color palette 
  • We had a conceptual shooting 
  • we created colorful pictures 
  • we wrote inspired small messages 
  • we applied the above to several applications 
  • Design of corporate identity, company profile, brochures, sample books, website, social media, advertisements, events, exhibition stalls and more . . . 

And there our stories begin . . . 

As a Result: 

  • Partners and already existing customers came closer to the new administration 
  • There was an increased confidence in the credibility of the company 
  • Our strategy has attracted new market 
  • We gained loyalty 
  • And every year, old and new clients expect to experience what we will prepare for them. 


we did

Branding, Corporate Identity, Ads, Brochures, Sample Books, Website Design and Development, Content Management, Social Media, Space Graphics, Corporate Gifts, Creative Direction of the Photo Shootings, Exhibition Stalls, Special Concepts, Campaigns, and Events


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