World of Automation


World of Automation

A family business, on the path of rapid growth, on its way to becoming an important part of the field of industrial automation.

  • In the leadership of the company are the two children of its founder
  • A dynamic duo, son Athanasios, young, smart with strategic rational thinking and vision, and his sister, Vasiliki, “the financial sector” of the company, but with the power of woman’s empathy and the aura of female creativity. (it was very easy for us to connect with these family features)
  • We had met just a couple of years before its 50een years anniversary and we had to deal with the issue that associates and clients didn’t seem to recognize what the company really was :
  • Associates from large European companies visiting the company were surprised by its size and organization, facts that had not been seen by its visual identity and general presence.
  • So we had a really big recognition issue about what the company really was.

We wanted to communicate: 

  • the actual size of the company
  • the new dynamic era
  • the organizational structure and its remarkable staffing
  • its excellent development path
  • its value and reliability to its partners, suppliers, and customers

And there our rebranding story begins . . .


we did

Rebranding, Logo, Brochures, Advertisement, Website Design, Content Management, Social Media Graphics, Space Graphics, Logo Creative Applications, Corporate Gifts, Exhibition Stalls Design (Posidonia Exhibition, Hemexpo, Wima, Rotterdam shipping exhibition), Corporate Events (Mitsubishi electric event & Technological Experience by Uteco @Faros)


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